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Security and Privacy statement

At Artibeus IT, we are dedicated to safeguarding your data and protecting your privacy.

Information Transmission

We employ industry recognised security safeguards to help protect the personal information that you provide us with from loss, misuse and unauthorised alteration. Whilst Artibeus IT endeavours to protect the User’s information from observation by any third party during transit, use of the website is entirely at the User’s risk.

Artibeus IT gives no warranties and will not be liable for any damage or costs the User might incur as a result of unauthorised viewing of the User’s information.

Artibeus IT does not guarantee uninterrupted or error free information and/or the security of this website or that of any stored visitor data.

Information furnished by the User

When the User applies for any product referred to on this website, the information furnished by the User to Artibeus IT may be disclosed to the relevant third party product providers as part of the relevant procurement process(es).


The User warrants that all information furnished by the User (whether in relation to the User or any other party) to Artibeus IT as part of this process will be truthful, accurate, current and complete.

Information furnished by the User to Artibeus IT may also be used by Artibeus IT to provide the User with information in regard to Artibeus IT’s other products and services.


Andrew Baird

Deputy Information Officer


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