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Technology is an ever moving resource. Keeping up with the latest developments is becoming more and more important each day.Nothing is more so than technology and IT infrastructure in our schools. Your pupils need to have access to the latest technology and hardware that functions optimally to prepare and train them for their future careers.

Along with this, you need to be assured that your school is prepared and protected with the latest and most reliable IT services available. At Artibeus IT, we work with a large number of schools and campuses within Cape Town. Their success has been our success, ensuring continued uptime and peace of mind. IT environments that you can rely upon. This includes having Technology work for your when you need it during your lessons.

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“Bryan Banfield and his team are efficient and excellent in delivering a quality service. They have a very quick response time and deliver a superb service. They are highly skilled and competent. I enjoy interacting with Bryan as he is focused on building and maintaining quality relationships with his clients. He has a hands-on approach and is involved in immediate and satisfactory problem solving. The smooth running of Information and Technology systems is of paramount importance in any organization and down time is ill afforded. Bryan understands that completely and therefor he delivers on time, every time. He works with speed and efficiency and never makes promises that he can’t deliver on. Bryan and his team are part of the support structure of my school and enable us to do our work every day.”
Gerda Van Der Westhuizen, Disa Primary School

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