Below are a few suggestions of software that we use or have used in the past.

VLC Media Player:
VLC is a free multimedia player that will play virtually any video file type that exists. Additionally, it can also be used to play DVDs and Music CD’s.


Speccy is a very useful tool that simplifies the process of identifying information about your PC’s hardware specifications and then presents it in an easy to read layout.


Google Chrome is a browser that looks simplistic, but is one of the fastest and safest browsers to use.


One of the most popular browsers out there, Firefox is popular for its extensions that can be added for extra functionality.


A handy tool to clean your Windows PC. It can help protect your online privacy and delete temporary files to make your computer faster, clean up your registry and remove unwanted programs from your PCs startup.


An application that can be used to defrag one or more files, folders and hard drives. It uses the same techniques as Windows, so it will be safe for your PC.


Adobe Acrobat Reader:
The most recognized PDF viewer out there. Used as the standard software to view and comment on PDF documents.


A file archiver that is compatible with most of the compressed file types that are used. It will open and compressed file type including .zip and .rar files.